Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Today is T1 Day! Give Type 1 "the finger!"

Today, 1 November 2011 (or 1.11.11) is the inaugural T1Day - Type 1 Day.

1 November marks the start of the International Diabetes Federation's Diabetes Awareness Month - and the JDRF have decided to dedicate the first day of Diabetes Awareness Month to Type 1 Diabetes.

The launch kicks off with a video called "Give Type 1 The Finger"

Check it out!

You can find out more information about JDRF's T1Day by visiting the website:

And also by visiting the myJDRF Facebook page:

One of the most important things about raising awareness about Diabetes during Diabetes Awareness Month and, in particular on T1Day and World Diabetes Day on 14 November, is to remind people that although in most Western countries Type 1 Diabetics more often than not have ready access to insulin and medical supplies, there are many, many people in less developed countries who do not.

Please watch the following videos - and let's get together this month to do whatever we can to give this young man and others just like him access to the lifesaving medication that those of us who are more fortunate sometimes take for granted.

To find out how YOU can help please follow these links:

Below is the Award Winning "Life for a Child" documentary by Ed Lachman. The documentary runs for a little over 28 minutes. Please take the time to watch it. A larger version appears in the permanent links section at the bottom of this Blog.

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