Tuesday, November 15, 2011

School Camp, Stifling Heat and T1D!

As I typed that heading I immediately started thinking of the Witches poem (or song?):

Double Double Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble...

Issie and I are at her school camp in Bathurst in Central Western NSW.  The following photos are where we are staying - Abercrombie House, which is own by the family that owns the kids' school.

Today is day 2 - and, as was the case yesterday, it is soooo hot I can barely breathe! Hence the "fire burn and cauldron bubble!"

We visited the historical gold-rush town of Sofala, then went panning for gold in the Turon River.

Yes, I know that this truck was not used during the Gold Rush - it just looked cool sitting there like that so I had to take a photo of it!

Issie is having a great time with her school friends, and for the most part I am staying out of the way - but the heat is taking its toll on her.

Overnight she had a hypo at 1:30am - which took 2 juice boxes and 30 minutes to come back up to a level I was happy to let her go to sleep on.

This afternoon the kids are supposed to be making their own "shelter" and the plan is for them to camp outside!

Don't think any of the adults are going to get any sleep at all!

The thing about the climate here in this part of the country is that daytime temperatures at this time of year - and heading into Summer, can be in the mid to high 30's (celsius) - however, overnight they can drop down into single digits.

So, tonight will be interesting.

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