Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting ready for camp!

This post is not an "awareness" post really - because right at the moment my head is spinning with everything that I have to do before Issie goes off to school camp next week.

Issie at Diabetes Camp in January 2011

And of course things are made a little more complicated by the fact that the school (and the camp organisers) want ME there with her (it's a 5 day camp, 2.5 hours away from where we live) - which means that not only do I have to plan for Issie and myself - I also have to plan for Tim - who will be staying with his Dad - who has not looked after EITHER of the kids overnight since they were diagnosed!

Did I mention that my head is spinning???

The issue of school and non-diabetes camps is always complicated. Do you go with your child? Will the school or the camp organisers take care of them properly?

Tim went off to the same camp (same location, same organisers) back in June - here in Australia - that's winter - and the camp is located in an area that does get quite cold during the winter.

A lot of planning went into this trip - the organisers came down to Sydney to meet with me personally to go over Tim's care plan and also to get an idea of the supplies he would be taking with him.

One of the organisers took on the responsibility of overnight BGL checks and was in touch with me regularly throughout the day and night, letting me know BGL's and the level of activity during the day.

It was stressful and exhausting for everyone involved - but Tim had a GREAT time.

But Tim's the easy one when it comes to Diabetes Management - his BGL's don't fluctuate nearly as much as his younger sister and he doesn't stress quite so much. Yes, Issie is a bit of a drama queen.

Issie the Drama Queen at Diabetes Camp in January 2011

So, I was not particularly surprised when the school and the camp organisers requested that I attend the camp, but it didn't really hit me until today just how much there is to plan!

Fortunately I don't need to provide the camp organisers with a detailed management plan for Issie, because I will be there and I will be responsible for her care - but I DO need to provide one to their Dad for Tim!!!

And since Tim will be going to school from his Dad's place I also have to get all of his school things ready for the week, shirts ironed - give his Dad a shopping list for school lunch supplies, teach him how to do site changes (yes, Tim can do them - but only if he has his pump site on his tummy - which he hates - but I think next week he won't have a choice - I don't think his Dad will be able to manage attaching the site - it takes more dexterity than he is capable of due to injuries from a car accident a few years ago).

I have organised a different BGL meter for Tim - one that automatically sends his BGL readings to me via text message - and will alarm to remind him to do BGL's during the school day and at night. So hopefully that will work okay.

OH! Almost forgot - I also have to organise the 2 Pets who are going with Tim to his Dad's place!

Well, I have a lot of work to do - time to start making some lists!

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