Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prayers for Sarah...

Today our thoughts and prayers are with a much loved and admired member of the Diabetes Online Community, Karina Caton, and her precious little girl Sarah.

Sarah is now 3 years old however her very short life has been a constant struggle due to numerous medical issues discovered upon her premature birth, including Pancreatic Agenesis - the absence of a pancreas.

Please click HERE to view Karina's blog about her beautiful little girl.

Sarah suffered a severe hypoglycaemic episode yesterday and is fighting for her life.

To Karina, the beautiful Sarah and her brothers and sister, Kevin, Jessica and Cooper, from myself and my two amazing T1D kids, our love, thoughts and prayers are with you.

For more information about Sarah's current battle please click HERE.

Oops - nearly missed Clinic Day ... again!

So, had just dropped the kids at school - was about to go make my morning coffee, much needed after way too many interruptions to my sleep last night, when I received a phone call from the D clinic at the hospital.

Receptionist: "Hi, sorry I didn't call yesterday to confirm, was off work sick - but just a friendly reminder about clinic day."

Me: "Hey, that's okay - wasn't expecting a call from you until tomorrow anyway - can I just double check the time of the appointment - I have the date in my calendar but for some reason not the time."

Receptionist: "Why would I call tomorrow? The clinic appointment is today at 10:30am!"

Oh dear - I'm sure the lovely receptionist just rolls her eyes every time she has to phone me!

Looked frantically through my calendar - and sure enough - there it is, Clinic Day, Thursday 8 September, 10:30am!

For some crazy reason I had 12 September in my head - even though everywhere else it was listed as 8 September.

Still partially in my pyjamas (just threw on a pair of track-pants when I took the kids to school so that my pyjama top didn't look so much like pyjamas) - had to call school to tell them that I had to pick Miss I up from school before classes even started!

Of course the calendar alarm I had set for today's appointment went off just as Miss I and I were heading off to the appointment!

Definitely a bad case of "D-Brain" happening here! Soooooo forgetful!!!

Oh well, we made it on time and when scheduling next Clinic Day appointments set 2 audio reminders so that I could not possibly get the date wrong!

I suppose this is to be expected when you live on only a few hours sleep a night. Last night was a case in point. The kids are trialling a nocturnal hypoglycaemia device at the moment and, in addition to their regular overnight tests, the devices had automatically set alarms to wake me so that I could "recalibrate" them because they were apparently not happy with the BGL's I'd entered in before bed.

This would not be that much of an issue for just one kid - but with 2 kids and 2 devices - it had set different alarms based on the kids different bedtime BGL's! One of the devices had set a recalibration alarm for 10:30pm and the other for 12:30am - add to that my usual 3am BGL check - and the alarm that went off on Master T's device at 1:20am due to a "system error", and then the "Hypo Alert" alarm that went off on Miss I's device at 4:45am! Geez, no wonder I'm so tired!

Friday, September 2, 2011

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JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes 2011 Poster (A4)