Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's good to be home...

Issie and I survived camp - and had a great time - but it is good to be home!

Tim did well at his father's place - however, interestingly, his BGL's were somewhat higher than usual for the entire time I was away. This is strange, because the same thing happened the only other time he has been away from me since his diagnosis - which was when he was at camp in June!

I had figured that perhaps, since it's now more than one year since his diagnosis, that he may be needing a bit more insulin - so was all set to change some of his basal rates (which are all very low anyway) - but then all day yesterday and today his BGL's have been back where they usually are. So, I'm thinking that he's a little more stressed when I'm not around at night? It will definitely be interesting to see what his HbA1c is at his next clinic day which is in about 4 weeks time.

While Issie and I were away our local newspaper, the Manly Daily, FINALLY published an article about the kids and Type 1 Diabetes. I have been trying to get them to publish something for MONTHS - so being Diabetes Awareness Month I really pushed for it and finally succeeded.

Of course, since my internet reception wasn't that great while we were away and my screen on my laptop is not very big I was not able to read the article until we got home, and I've now been able to scan it so I can share it with you here.

I also decided that the only way to get journalists to provide accurate information is to provide that information to them, rather than having them interview you. Unfortunately, in almost every single case that I have heard of, when a journalist interviews someone about T1D they take notes, then go away and write something based on their own notes, that often does not make any sense at all and can lead to more confusion than there was to start with!

So, for this article I was NOT interviewed, I sent a background document to the journalist and told her that it would be better for her to use the information in that background document so as to ensure that her article was accurate and informative.

For the most part she did a good job - the article is short - could have been a bit longer - but she got the point across - and I LOVE the heading, particularly the bit in red "Obesity not a factor for certain types" - which was the main message!

Not quite sure where she got the bit in the Type 1 Diabetes points: "Insulin has to be injected into the body at least six times a day." This was not something I had put in my notes - and indeed, both my kids are on pumps - so it's possible she did some of her own research to come up with this one.

So a WIN for us this week!

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