Wednesday, November 2, 2011

T1D is everywhere!

Have you noticed, as a parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, that you tend to automatically think of T1D with almost EVERYTHING - even something seemingly not T1D related?

I caught myself doing exactly that today!

I was out looking at and test driving new cars. Now, how on earth does T1D have anything at all to do with the selection of a new car - except of course making sure that it's going to run fine and get you from home to the hospital safely if necessary? But then, you'd think about this anyway - even without T1D in your life!

I've looked at a bunch of cars over the last month or so - and I think I finally found the one I like today - but of course T1D had to get it's little nose in my business once again to help tip the scales to that particular car - and do you know why???

This particular car has tray-tables for the back seats - like what you have on aeroplanes!

The first thing I thought of when I saw those tables was, "Hey, how cool, that will make doing BGL tests in the car so much easier - the kids will have a place to put their test kit!"

I think T1D has officially hijacked my brain!

Okay - onto another subject.

So, this is the 2nd day of November - and of course, November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

Yesterday I posted about T1Day and also about children living with T1D in developing countries.

I decided to have a chat to my kids about this. They're smart, sensitive kids and they are very conscious of doing what they can to help the less fortunate.

Issie has decided she wants to be a famous fashion designer, but she also wants to have her own charity to raise money for T1D awareness and research.

After talking to the 2 kids about these kids in developing countries Issie told me that she now wants "her" charity to raise money for these kids so that they don't have to walk hours and hours to get their insulin. And I think this is great.

Of course we all want to raise money for a cure so that NOBODY has to live with this disease - but the fact is that the cure is not here yet, and every day more and more kids are being diagnosed!

We are so lucky to live in a place where we have access to the best medications and treatment options - and it is very sad to say that we often take this for granted.

I could never imagine having to make the choice to let my child die because the cost of the medication to keep him or her alive is more than our entire family income for the year!

No parent should have to be in a position to make a decision like that.

So, my aim for Diabetes Awareness Month is to bring to attention those kids, those families in developing countries; to make people aware that this disease kills, on a daily basis, and in many cases, the death of these children is needless and entirely preventable.

Yes, I have two kids with Type 1 Diabetes, and that's not easy - but I know that my kids are the lucky ones.

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