Saturday, October 15, 2011

Help us to try to get Dulux to support Type 1 Diabetes Research!

Today a member of one of the Diabetes Online Support Networks posted a picture of her T1D daughter with a huge tin of Jelly Beans she had received when buying some Dulux paint for her home this weekend. Naturally for a T1D family those Jelly Beans would be put to good use!

After checking out that photo I decided to head to the Dulux Australia Facebook page to let them know how their Jelly Beans are used in Type 1 families. There were a number of posts on that page from people saying that the Jelly Beans are a treat for their kids - or even that they "give them an energy boost" so they can get their painting done, so I figured they should know that for kids with T1D they can be a life-saver!

Here's a screen-shot of the Dulux page which shows my post - together with a number of "Likes".

Since the text is a little hard to read in the above image below is my comment on the Dulux FB page:

"Did you know that Jelly Beans are one of the most effective and convenient treatments for episodes of life-threatening hypoglycaemia in kids with Type 1 Diabetes (formerly know as Juvenile Diabetes)? Type 1 Diabetes, which is an autoimmune disease and is NOT related to obesity, poor diet or poor lifestyle choices, accounts for about 10% of all cases of "diabetes" in the world. Wondering whether Dulux has given any thought to supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - since for many families with kids with T1D the Dulux Jelly Bean promotion doesn't just mean a bit of fun for the kids - it can mean a 6 month supply of hypoglycaemia treatment!"

If we can get enough "Likes" on this comment maybe Dulux will come to the party and support the JDRF or Type 1 Diabetes research generally!

Now wouldn't that be great!

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