Saturday, October 15, 2011

Early morning thoughts...

Well, it's a little before 5am and I'm just killing time waiting to check on one of the kids. His BGL dropped a little low, so reduced basal rates on his pump and woke him up to make him have a drink of chocolate milk.

Waking a teenage boy in the wee hours of the morning and forcing him to eat or drink is no fun at all! Teenage boys like their sleep.

So, since I was up I went and checked on the other one - she'd had another fairly nasty hypo just before bedtime and has been running a little lower than I'd like overnight - but of course now she's having a rebound high - so I'll have to check on her again too in a little while to make sure she's on her way down.

Just another night.

Yesterday I met the mum of a recently diagnosed older teenager. Diagnosis with this disease is always difficult, no matter the age, however, meeting with this Mum yesterday really proved to me that for a parent this diagnosis is not any easier to handle just because your child is pretty much all grown up!

Diagnosis as an older teenager brings its own problems. These are kids who probably already have their driver's license, who are about to head out into the world on their own, who probably want to travel and experience all that life has to offer. It hit me that diagnosis at this age is nothing short of cruel - for the teenager and for their parents.

Speaking of teenagers and parents - this parent has to go and make sure that her teenager's BGL has returned to a safe level so we can get back to sleep.

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