Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 days to go...

Things have been absolutely insane around here and there has not been a lot of time to write.

The kids started the new school year last week - for a grand total of 9 school days, because, in just 2 days we head off on our big trip to Canada!

Issie is so excited she can hardly get to sleep at night. Every sentence Tim says starts with, "When we're in Canada..."

But oh, sooooo much to do! Not only is it an overseas trip, but we're also doing a house swap with our wonderful Canadian friends - so of course my house has to be spotless and I have lists of lists of lists of things that have to be done before 8am Saturday morning!

Tonight I sat down, while the kids were at their Dad's house for dinner, and calculated exactly how much insulin I will need to bring with me for a 37 day overseas trip - for 2 kids.


Oh, and pump supplies!

Thank goodness Air Canada has a pretty good policy with extra baggage - we have a whole suitcase dedicated to T1D supplies (not the insulin of course, that's coming onboard with me!).

I have to say that Medtronic have been great, they have provided a loan pump to take with us as a "spare" in case of any problems with either of the kids' pumps!

But, slowly, I'm getting there. Each day I accomplish just a few extra things and I'm feeling more and more organised. The bags are now, finally, packed!

The 2 Pets will be sorely missed, they're going to the kids' Dad's place while we're away. The kids set up Skype on his computer - not so they can talk to their Dad, but so they can talk to Heidi and Fluffy!

There have been other things going on, aside from "the big Canada trip" that have caused a lot of distraction, one in a good way, the other - well, not so good, but that's for another time.

So, at least for the next few days I'll still be kinda "M.I.A." - but I'm sure to have lots of stories about international long-haul travel with 2 kids with T1D, and also just about life with T1D in a country that's not your own.

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  1. Your blog is so personalised yet speaks with the world with such ease and universal appeal. Loved reading it. Wish you and the kids a wonderful trip ahead. Health & happiness. I will look forward to reading more.