Monday, December 5, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

It's been a week since my last post...

Oh wow - flashback to my Catholic School days - I felt like I was in "Confession"!

I guess it's just that time of year. Things are crazy! So much to do, deadlines for everything.

And of course as well as all the usual end of year goings on, concerts, performance days, school presentation functions, class Christmas Parties, organising family get-togethers - I have to throw into the mix 2 Clinic Days in the last week of school! One on the Monday and one on the Thursday - and both are full-day events with appointments with every member of the kids' Diabetes Team - Endocrinologist, Diabetes Educator, Dietician and Psychologist!

Oh - and Tim's Clinic Day is also his first "annual" check up day - so we have his pathology appointment to have his annual bloods done!

During an exchange of text messages with my sister this morning trying to coordinate Christmas Presents for nieces and nephews (our family Christmas is this coming weekend) she wrote:

"Make sure you fit in some time just for you!"


She's kidding, right?

But that's okay - being busy is a good thing.

My kids and I love Christmas - and an entire day is dedicated to putting up the tree and decorating the house. We have Christmas music turned up loud (much to Tim's disgust) - and lots of really bad singing!

Even Heidi Puppy joins in on the fun!

This year we also added decorating a gingerbread house! Issie had bought a kit at school - so we did a special shopping trip just to get supplies for decorating the gingerbread house - and it looked great - for one night - before Issie started demolishing it.

Thank goodness for insulin pumps...

Issie taking a bite out of her gingerbread house!

Lots of parents of newly diagnosed kids get very nervous around the holidays, particularly because of the enormous focus on food.

This is now our 2nd Christmas as a T1D family and I know we'll get through it just fine.

The most important thing, as we were told by our Diabetes Educators, is to let our kids just be kids on special occasions and not let T1D interfere with their fun. Of course I try to make sure there are healthy options for the kids at all times, but if they're going to choose to eat candy and gingerbread or whatever else they want to eat at Christmas then that's fine with me. 

I'll just work a little harder, do a little extra monitoring overnight so that their BGL's don't get too far out of control and so that they don't end up feeling sick from eating the treats they enjoy so much. 

So, anyone wanna take a guess at the carb count for that gingerbread house!

I'll give you a clue - it's about one tenth of the amount of carbs in the jar of the left-over candy! 

Oh well - guess I won't be running out of hypo treatments anytime soon!

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