Friday, August 26, 2011

Wish On A Star For A Cure - Friday 2 September 2011

I received an "invitation" to this event today via Facebook and decided to share it here. Please read below for the details and click on the Post Title (above) or the image to join in on this event - and invite your friends and family.

This Facebook Event was created by T1D Mum Cathy Knight McConkey took this idea from a fellow Diabetics Mum who's diabetic child was going to go out and wish on a star for a cure one night, but was too sick to go. So we (a collection of D mums or mum's of diabetic kids) decided to create an event of wishing on a star. The more people wishing on a star for a cure, the better our chances are of getting a wish to come true.

Invite your friends and tell them to invite their friends

So get out there anytime after dark and wish on the first star you see. Don't forget to check in on this event page and please upload pictures so we can see how many wishes were made.

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