Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Impressions - BGStar - Sanofi Aventis

The first of our trial meters arrived this morning - the BGStar.

So, here are our first impressions:
  • Set-up is easy - very simple to set up time and date.
  • Screen very clear and easy to read - light is great.
  • Menu options easy to access and understand - these include:
    • Mem (Memory)
    • Stats (Statistics)
    • AVG (Averages)
    • Meal (for viewing results for different meals)
    • Graph (to look at graph of readings)
    • Time
    • Date
    • Tag (haven't looked at this one yet)
    • Range (to set target range - before and after meals)
    • Beep (sounds - easy to turn on and off)
    • Hypo (set alarm to alert hypos based on your own personal settings)
    • Hyper (set alarm to alert high BGL based on your own personal settings)
    • Alarm
  • Love the ability to be able to quickly and easily set Hypo and Hyper alarms. My son generally runs a bit lower and his hypo limit is lower than his sister - so it's not a "one size fits all" system. This is also the case with hyper limits.
  • Uses a TINY amount of blood for testing and results are really quick.
  • Doing control test is simple and kit comes with control solution.
  • Nice and small.

The only negative so far - but then, this is a negative for ALL BGL meters...


Thankfully this one has the BGStar logo on the front of the pouch - so if it's buried at the bottom of a bag you're more likely to see it - but seriously - black meter bags are BORING!

As for the lancet device - my kids won't use it. They hate the lancet devices that use single lancets and prefer either the MultiClix or FastClix made by AccuChek - the barrel with 6 lancets in it makes it more hygienic because the kids can easily change the lancet without immediately having to find a sharps bin to put the old lancet in.


  1. so how does it work with the phone /?

  2. The BGStar does not work with the iPhone/iPod Touch - that is the iBGStar - which we will also be testing as soon as it arrives.

    You can upload data from the BGStar to the BGStar Diabetes Manager ( via a USB cable which can then be forwarded to your health professional.

    So, check back here for reviews on the iBGStar as soon as it arrives on our doorstep.