Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Get your Ice Cold Lemonade!!!

The start of the new year has already been so very busy - but definitely GOOD busy!

A lot of JDRF stuff going on in particular!

Right at the moment the APIA Sydney International Tennis Tournament is on and JDRF is the official charity once again - for the 5th year in a row!

So, I donned the blue JDRF Volunteer t-shirt and spent a few extremely hot and humid hours selling JDRF merchandise and collecting gold coin donations on Sunday last, and will do it again - this time with the kids - on Friday!

Wonderful to learn that the ATP presented the JDRF with a cheque for $10,000.00 on Monday during the event at Sydney Olympic Park!

Today the kids did their bit with the inaugural ISSIE & JADE'S JDRF TEAM CURE DIABETES LEMONADE STAND - we all had a lot of fun and raised $79.50 - donated directly to the JDRF via the Parents of Aussie Kids with Type 1 Diabetes Support Network Team Cure Diabetes Fundraising initiative.

Tomorrow I'll be helping out with the JDRF Peer Support Program by taking part in the filming of a short video about the Peer Support Program to be presented by Eli Lilly at an international conference in Phuket, Thailand, in February.

As well as all of this, thanks to a brilliant idea by one of my wonderful friends and fellow member of the Parents of Aussie Kids with Type 1 Diabetes Support Network, members are posting their kids' BGLs as their Facebook Status every day this week. The idea is just to post the numbers, with the hope that at some point one or more of their FB friends will ask what the numbers are all about - and then an explanation can be given about T1D - hopefully leading to a little more education about life with this disease! Great idea Shaula - and even if we educate just ONE MORE person we have succeeded!

So, lots to do, and only one month now until the kids and I head to Canada! Sooooooo excited! I know all you Canadians are probably very happy with the very mild weather at the moment - 12 degrees celsius in January in Calgary? Huh??? - but please - for us Aussies - can you put on a bit of snow for us! You can keep your mild weather for the next few weeks - but come 11 February - can you flip the switch and turn winter back on.... please????

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