Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bubs About Town

A win for the T1D community!

An Australian parenting website, Bubs About Town, has today published the first of a series of articles about Type 1 Diabetes aimed at educating parents about this disease which can help with early diagnosis, and also to give other parents a bit of an insight into what life is like for kids with this disease and their families!

The Awareness video I created has been embedded in the first article (with my permission) and contains a link to the 2 kids... 2 pets... 2 pumps... blog!

One quote from the end of the article that many T1D parents would be very pleased to read...

"If like us (initially!) you read the above information and think this gives an insight into day to day living with type 1 diabetes then you would be wrong, there is so much more to it at a personal level..."

By way of background - a very misleading article about "diabetes" - including Type 1 Diabetes, written by a naturopath was posted on the Bubs About Town website about a month ago. This article drew an immediate reaction from the Type 1 community which resulted in that article being withdrawn and an apology issued to members of the T1D community. That apology included a promise to properly research Type 1 Diabetes with the aim of publishing accurate information about this disease via that website as soon as possible.

Whilst we all fight to ensure that any information in the media including online, television, radio and print as well as in television shows and movies, is accurate and informative, sometimes it takes the publication or dissemination of erroneous and misleading material about Type 1 Diabetes to provide an opportunity for the T1D community to be effective in educating the wider community.

If just ONE person who does not live with Type 1 Diabetes reads the article in Bubs About Town, then that is a success! The article itself is proof that we have managed to educate the author of that article!

Well Done!

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  1. WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I saw the original article...and was reading it when it disappeared right from under my nose.

    I'm THRILLED to see this follow up and proud of the T1 advocates to took the time to educate for our community.

    WAY TO GO!!!!